hair colors

  • raven black

    A rich and deep black, like a raven.

  • black-brown

    Very dark brown with a black cast.

  • dark brown

    Black cast.Dark brownA very dark and pure brown.

  • chocolate brown

    A beautiful medium brown shade that is comparable to melted chocolate.

  • light brown

    This popular shade is also known as "dirty blonde" because it's a mix between brown and blonde.

  • wheat blonde

    This particular color is a medium and natural blonde that compares very well with wheat.

  • light blond

    A very popular blonde. A blonde with a touch of golden shine in the sun.

  • platinum blonde

    The classic, very light, luxurious blonde in Hollywood. In short: barbie blonde.

  • copper

  • Orange red

  • Red

  • dark pink

  • Fuchsia

  • pink

  • light pink

  • Green

  • light green

  • purple

  • Blue