Care tips for bondings / microrings / wefts

1 Treat your extensions like your own hair.

  • Because your extensions are built in, you can wash them in the shower with your natural hair.
  • An absolute no-go is washing your hair overhead. You can only wash your hair extensions standing up, ideally in the shower, just as often as you would your own hair.
  • Before washing, you should comb your hair well with an extension brush. This is how you remove small knots and loose hair.
  • Rinse your hair well and shampoo it. Start at the roots of your hair and then work your way to the ends. You should avoid rubbing the shampoo in vigorously. Distribute the shampoo very gently into your hair and then rinse it out thoroughly.
  • Now wrap a towel around your head and let your hair dry for a few minutes. A no-go is rubbing with the towel.
  • First sort your hair with your fingers before combing it from the bottom with a brush. Just like your own hair, human hair extensions are much more sensitive when wet. Care must be taken when combing so that the hair is not pulled and tugged, as this will damage the hair structure.

    2 ingredients in shampoo, style and care products.
    • You should never save on the care products, because in the end you pay twice. Extensions that suffer from silicone, oils and alcohol do not stay beautiful for long and have to be removed much more quickly.
    • Make sure that shampoo, conditioner and other care products contain as little alcohol and silicone as possible - this also increases the durability of the hair extensions.
    • When it comes to styling, there are actually no limits. You can use straighteners and curling irons. But also pay attention to low temperatures, which protect your extensions and the connection points. Use a heat protection product that protects your hair and extensions from drying out. Make sure that the straightening iron and curling iron do not come into contact with the connection points. The heat can damage them and possibly melt them.

    3 conditioners.

    Avoid using conditioner at the hairline.

    Conditioners can still be used when wearing hair extensions, but this should be used with care on the ends and lengths. Using conditioner too close or directly to the roots can weaken / loosen the extensions connections.

    4 Dry your hair.
    After washing, you can let your hair air dry or blow dry. Air drying is of course gentler, both for your own hair and for your hair extensions. If there is not enough time, blow dry your hair at the lowest possible temperature. Note that excessive heat will damage the connection points and dry out your hair extensions. A maximum of 180° C is recommended.

    Use a heat protectant on the ends and lengths of your hair. After blow-drying, comb your hair again with a brush and sort it lightly with your fingers. Hold your hair at the hairline. In this way you reduce the pulling caused by brushing and protect your extensions.

    5 protection while sleeping.
    Going to bed with your hair loose in an updo or ponytail is recommended to keep your hair tangle-free overnight.

    6 swimming.
    Finally, salt water and chlorinated water can weaken the adhesive bonds somewhat and also cause hair tangles. After swimming in the sea or pool, your new extension will thank you if you wash it thoroughly to remove salt and chlorine residue.