via clip in extensions

Every day a different hairstyle from sexy to trendy - our clip-in hair extensions made of 100% human hair make it possible! Change your personality every day with Hair2You clip-in extensions. No matter what you feel like doing, with the clip ins you can conjure it up on your head in no time at all. Elegant straight hair today for the perfect business styling, tomorrow with playful curls for a stroll through the city.

With our clip-in extensions made of 100% A Remy human hair , that's no problem. Do you want to attract attention with a trendy hairstyle at the party in the evening? With the Hair2You clip in extensions, you can change your look in no time and at home.

Basic clip in extensions

The Basic Clip in Extensions from Hair2You is our basic line for high-quality human hair extensions with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. They are made from A Remy human hair, which is known for its silky soft quality. A hair extension set consists of 7-8 parts with 16 clips and is available in lengths of 38cm - 71cm .

The Basic clip in human hair extensions from Hair2You are available in pack sizes from 70g to 120g . Our clip in extensions are perfect for women with short or thin hair who want hair thickening. The braids are clipped into the hair in no time and look fantastic.

Premium clip in extensions

Enjoy great volume and wonderfully long hair thanks to this quick, no-fuss method of do-it-yourself hair extensions. With our Premium Clip in Extensions for hair extensions you get 8 parts with 17 clips! Each pack contains 160g of high quality, 100% human hair in A Remy quality in a length of 38cm - 76cm.

XXL clip in extensions

The XXL Clip In Extensions from Hair2You are a dream come true for everyone who wants a fantastic mane in no time at all. Enjoy great volume and wonderfully long hair thanks to this quick, easy, do-it-yourself method of lengthening and thickening your hair at the same time. Here only the finest, silkiest hair is used for the best wearing comfort. Our XXL clip in extensions consist of a set of 10 parts and 18 clips. Each pack contains 200g - 220g of the best human hair A Remy hair and is available in lengths of 46cm - 76cm .