about weft extensions

With the Hair2You wefts you get the whole range of options for attaching your human hair wefts into the house:
  • Glue hair wefts
  • Sew hair wefts
  • Clip hair tresses
Your imagination knows no boundaries. It's easy to decide whether you want to wear your new head of hair around the clock or whether you want to save it for special moments. The super flat selvedges of the Hair2You wefts can be perfectly hidden in your hair. You won't even guess your little beauty secret.

With every pack of Hair2You weft extensions you will receive one weft hair extension. You can divide these into any number of individual strands. This allows you to adjust the length of the individual hair wefts exactly to your head.

Each finished piece can then be sewn directly into your hair. Another application variant is that you simply sew our replacement clips onto the selvage. Another option is if you want to glue in the real hair wefts . To do this, apply the glue to the selvedge. The hairpiece is then worked into your own hair and compressed and lengthened into a breathtakingly beautiful mane!

Style and cut the Hair2You weft extensions as you wish and create any look you've always wanted to try!