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100% Human Remy Hair


hair colour


Clip in extensions

The clip-in extensions are hair wefts that are equipped with small clips and can be easily attached to your own hair. To prevent the clips from slipping, you should backcomb your hairline (where the clip is attached) slightly before attaching it. The hair tresses can then simply be hooked in and pressed shut. A big advantage of the clip-in extensions is that they are not only quickly attached, but can also be removed just as quickly. This allows versatile experimentation. You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself again and again and try out many different hairstyles.

The Hair2You clip-in sets contain 7-10 strands and are made of the best Remy human hair.

We offer the following hair lines: Basic, Premium, XXL such as 300 grams of extensions in smooth , wavy and curly hair structure.

A rich, deep and pristine black, comparable to black as the night or even the feather of a raven.
We recommend combining raven black with a bright make-up and bright red lipstick to create the typical Snow White look.

From jet black to light brown, brown hair has always been a feminine, beautiful and timeless color choice.

A new look due? Then choose your extensions according to your desired color and adjust your own hair to your desired color.

  • Basic Clip in Extensions are made from the same hair and have the same hair quality as the Premium and XXL Line.


  • Of the only The difference is that the Basic Line contains less hair.

Clip in extensions
 70gr - 120gr hair

Premium Clip in extensions
 160gr hair

Clip in extensions
 200gr - 220gr hair
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