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u Bonding Extensions



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100% Human Remy Hair



hair colour


u Bonding extensions

The u-bondings are incorporated with heat tongs. Here you simply place the hair in the bondings, turn the connection point a little and the extension bondings are welded.

Your hair extension is done

Artificial keratin is often used as the adhesive substance. It is chemically the same as the hair's own keratin.

A special bonding remover can be used to remove the strands of hair. This is attached to the connection points. After a while these will fall off. Some strands can then be pulled out effortlessly. If the extensions are stuck, you can also use extension pliers to help. This breaks up the connection points and the strands can be removed effortlessly.

Our u bonding sets include 100 strands of strands made from the finest human Remy hair.

We offer u bonding Extensions in smooth , wavy and curly hair structure.

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