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Premium Tape in Extensions



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100% Human Remy Hair



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After installing the new tape in extensions, DO NOT wash your hair for the next 48 hours.

New tape-in ‚Äč‚Äčextensions should be given enough time for the adhesive to become strong and durable.
Allow about 24 to 48 hours for this before the hair is washed for the first time after installation.

1 Treat your extensions like your own hair.
  • Human hair extensions are made from real human hair, which can tangle just like your own hair. Therefore, before washing, the hair should be combed. Starting at the top of the hair and combing a few inches in stages, this method will help remove tangles more easily.
  • Just like your own hair, human hair extensions are more sensitive when wet. Care must be taken when combing to avoid pulling and tugging the hair as this stretches and could damage the hair structure.
Is this step important? Yes, hair extensions can become damaged if they are not tangled free when washed.
  • After the hair is wet, first take the shampoo in your hands and work it into a foam. Then distribute the lather through the hair and wash as usual. Only massage in the shampoo with a little caution and not too aggressively. Then rinse well with warm water.
  • After washing, gently squeeze and vacuum excess water with a cloth, but avoid rubbing vigorously here.

2 ingredients in shampoo, style and care products.
It is often the case that some ingredients, such as silicone, lots of alcohol and acids, can weaken or dissolve the adhesive. Therefore, such ingredients should be avoided. It is therefore very important to pay attention to the right care product.

Styling products can be used on the extensions with due care, but be careful here so they don't come into contact with the tape, just the length of the hair itself. Styling products can weaken the solvents in the tape.

3 conditioners.

Avoid using conditioner at the hairline.

Conditioners can still be used when wearing hair extensions, but this should be used with care on the ends and lengths. Using conditioner too close or directly to the tape or glue holding the hair in place could weaken/break the bond.

4 Dry your hair.
It is best to let the hair air dry or blow dry it before bed. You should never go to bed when your tape in extensions are still wet because knots can form and be difficult to get out of your hair.

When blow-drying, it is advisable to dry the hair in small quantities in order to avoid strong pulling. When blow-drying, it is best to avoid directing the heat directly at the tape.

5 protection while sleeping.
Going to bed with your hair loose in an updo or ponytail is recommended to keep your hair tangle-free overnight.

6 swimming.
Finally, salt water and chlorinated water can weaken the adhesive bonds somewhat and also cause hair tangles. After swimming in the sea or pool, your new extension will thank you if you wash it thoroughly to remove salt and chlorine residue.

Premium tape in extensions

Tape in extensions are a hair extension / hair thickening that is gentle on the hair. The tape in extensions are simply worked into your own hair using the sandwich principle. One strand of hair is always enclosed by two tapes in extension strands. Due to the adhesive nature of the Tape in Strips, the extensions stay in your own hair for around 4-8 weeks.

To remove the extensions, use a Tape in Extensions Remover. The extensions can be easily removed from your own hair with the remover without leaving any residue. The remover is also used to remove adhesive residue on the tape in strips so that you can use them again.

To incorporate our extensions again, you only need a new Tape in Extensions adhesive tape (see our online shop). This is simply glued to the adhesive points of the Tape in Strips and our extensions can be worked back into your own hair.

Our tape in extensions can be quickly and easily placed alone or with the help of a second person.

The Premium Tape in Sets from Hair2You contain 30 strips and consist of 100 grams of the best Remy human hair.

We offer the Hair2You Tape in Extensions in smooth , wavy and curly hair structures.

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