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Basic Tape in Extensions



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100% Human Remy Hair



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Basic tape in extensions

Tape in extensions are a hair extension / hair thickening that is gentle on the hair. The tape in extensions are simply worked into your own hair using the sandwich principle. One strand of hair is always enclosed by two tapes in extension strands. Due to the adhesive nature of the Tape-In Strips, the extensions stay in your own hair for around 4-8 weeks.

To remove the extensions, use a Tape in Extensions Remover. The extensions can be easily removed from your own hair with the remover without leaving any residue. The remover is also used to remove adhesive residue on the tape in strips so that you can use them again.

To incorporate our extensions again, you only need a new Tape in Extensions adhesive tape (see our online shop). This is simply glued to the adhesive points of the Tape in Strips and our extensions can be worked back into your own hair.

Our tape in extensions can be quickly and easily placed alone or with the help of a second person.

The basic tape sets from Hair2You contain 20 strips and are made from the best Remy human hair.

We offer the Hair2You Tape in Extensions in smooth , wavy and curly hair structures.

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