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Total Action 8 in 1 - strengthening nail polish for intensive nail care

Total Action 8 in 1 - strengthening nail polish for intensive nail care

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Strengthening nail polish for intensive nail care

Many problems - one solution . The revolutionary formula with the Strong Nail™ active ingredient complex penetrates the nail plate and builds it up again. The product regenerates the nail structure. It seals the nail plate, hardens it and stimulates nail growth. It prevents your nails from cracking, breaking and splitting. Stressed, lackluster nails regain their smooth surface and radiant shine.

This intensive treatment offers the nails effective regeneration after the removal of nail tips.

Visible success after just 10 days.


    Day 1: Apply a layer of "Total Action 8in1" directly onto the nails. Day 2: Apply another layer of "Total Action 8in1". Day 3: Remove the "Total Action 8in1" layers with a nail polish remover and repeat the process. Continue the treatment for 2 - 3 weeks as described above, then once a week as a basis. Caution: Do not apply to damaged nails (e.g. after removing acrylic nails). Before use, protect the cuticles with olive oil or a cream.


    Revolutionary and unique formula enriched with natural aldehyde. Penetrates the nail plate, regenerates, reconstructs, strengthens and promotes nail growth.



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